20 Zero Waste Products That Save Money And The Environment

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20 Zero Waste Products

Zero waste seems to be the hot topic of discussion these days.

Everyone WANTS to try and do their part in reducing their waste consumption, but it isn’t always achieved.

So often we say to our friends and family that we would like to be able to use less plastic, do less harm to the environment and make just a small difference.

But where do we start?

How do we even begin to go zero waste?

It’s a common set of questions, and hopefully today I can nudge you in the right direction with some easy and frugal zero waste products that will save you money AND help the environment!

20 Zero Waste Products

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In this post I have put together a list of zero waste products that can kickstart your journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle!

So often we buy and use products that get thrown out after one or two uses, and this isn’t a good thing.

By using these products, we cut down our carbon footprint, we head toward a better zero waste lifestyle, and we save money!

I’m sure each and every one of you could use most of the products on this list.

So here are 20 zero waste products that’ll save you money AND help the environment!

  1. Get yourself some reusable produce bags. These are a much better alternative to plastic bags, and can be used to carry many different things.
  2. Micro fibre cloths can be used over and over again. We all need to keep our homes clean, so this should be top of your list!
  3. A drink bottle for water, juices or anything else is an important thing to buy when going toward a zero waste lifestyle! Plastic bottles really are the easiest and worst things we can use.
  4. These drawstring bags can be used for so many different things. From storing crafts and toiletries, to stuffing checked luggage in or even using when bulk grocery shopping.
  5. Make your own deodorant and toothpaste using this recipe!
  6. Replace plastic straws with these glass straws.
  7. Make your own laundry soap!
  8. Ordinary, plastic toothbrushes are really harmful to the environment. Bamboo toothbrushes are a much better alternative.
  9. Replace some of your kitchen utensils with these eco-friendly bamboo utensils.
  10. Try out this awesome DIY dishwasher powder!
  11. Are you a coffee lover AND want to save some cash? Then get yourself a reusable coffee flask and make your own!
  12. Reusable coffee filters will do the world more good too, so check them out!
  13. Or if you love getting a coffee from your favorite coffee shop, then take any of these coffee cups with you as a replacement to the normal, takeaway coffee cups.
  14. Do you pack lunch for yourself or your kids on a daily basis? Reusable lunch bags are a must then.
  15. Replace disposable napkins with cloth napkins.
  16. Do you often use cling wrap for food storage? A better alternative is swapping it out with beeswax wraps. These work really well!
  17. Replace those plastic storage containers with a few mason jars and glass storage containers.
  18. If you want to turn all that food waste into some compost, then why not start your very own wormery? They are really cool useful, and you will save money on never having buy compost again!
  19. Instead of using dish washing sponges that need to be replaced every other week, get yourself a few wooden pot scrubbers. These are much better for the environment.
  20. Make your own zero waste orange peel vinegar cleaner!

The list above is a good starting point if you want to move toward a more eco-friendly way of life.

There are obviously a lot more things we can all do to have a positive effect on the environment.

Feel free to add any additional tips you might have on going zero waste in the comments below!


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