20 Best DIY Coasters That Anyone Can Make

If you are looking for a few DIY coasters to make for your home, then this post is exactly what you need!

DIY Coasters

Coasters are the sort of things everyone needs to have in their homes.

They are almost part of the home decor, and are always used.

Be it when you have guests over for drinks, or if you and your family are enjoying a few drinks together.

There’s always a time for coasters to be used.

And they actually do a great job at keeping your table surfaces clean from any marks or stains.

20 Easy Coasters To Make At Home

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If you feel like not having another set of store bought coasters around the house, then try out your creative side by making a few!

Below I have put together 20 of the best homemade coasters around.

Make sure to check them out and give them a try!

1. Marbled Copper Coasters

Marbled Copper Coasters

Found at Doodlecraft

2. DIY Galaxy Coasters

DIY Galaxy Coasters

Found at Artsy Fartsy Mama

3. Easy DIY Photo Coasters

Easy DIY Photo Coasters

Found at Jac Of All Things

4. DIY Round Macrame Boho Coasters

DIY Coasters

Found at Curly Made

5. Mason Jar Lid Coaster

Mason Jar Lid Coaster

Found at More Like Grace

6. DIY Resin And Wood Coasters

DIY Resin And Wood Coasters

Found at DIY Huntress

7. DIY Photo Coasters

DIY Photo Coasters

Found at Little House Of Four

8. DIY Beach Coasters

DIY Beach Coasters

Found at Resin Crafts

9. Resin Petri Dish Coasters

Resin Petri Dish Coasters

Found at Artsy Fartsy Mama

10. DIY Wooden Coasters

DIY Wooden Coasters

Found at The Little Frugal House

11. Easy DIY Pallet Coasters

Easy DIY Pallet Coasters

Found at Toolbox Divas

12. Stamped Clay Coasters

DIY Coasters

Found at At Home In Love

13. Swirly Twirly No-Sew Yarn Coasters

Swirly Twirly No-Sew Yarn Coasters

Found at The Studio

14. Woven Mug Rug Coaster

Woven Mug Rug Coaster

Found at Never Skip Brunch

15. DIY Watercolor State Coasters

DIY Watercolor State Coasters

Found at Positively Splendid

16. Terracotta Coasters With Maps

Terracotta Coasters With Maps

Found at Hometalk

17. Concrete Coasters

Concrete Coasters

Found at Ugly Duckling House

18. DIY Tile Coasters with Cricut Permanent Vinyl

DIY Tile Coasters with Cricut Permanent Vinyl

Found at Jen T By Design

19. Upcycled Map Tile Coasters

DIY Coasters

Found at Popsugar

20. Six Pack Beer Coasters

Six Pack Beer Coasters

Found at The Crafty Collegiate


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