11 Amazing Ikea Hacks For Anyone On A Budget

11 Ikea Hacks

Looking to decorate your home on the cheap, but also have it look amazing at the same time? Then these genius Ikea hacks will most definitely be of help!

Decorating your home does not have to be an over the top, super expensive exercise.

By being smart and using a few hacks, you can get your home looking just the way you want it.

And all on a budget!

11 Genius Ikea Hacks

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I’ve been going through Pinterest and the rest of the world wide web to find the best Ikea hacks out there, and I believe I have succeeded!

Here you’ll find 11 really smart Ikea hacks. If you know of any other hacks which you feel need to be added, then feel free to mention them in the comments below!

#1 The Easiest Ikea Malm Hack

Who knew an Ikea Malm could look so fancy and beautiful? This one has an amazing industrial vibe, and it’s all affordable and DIY!

#2 Ikea Cabinet Hack

This Ikea hack is a really awesome DIY project for you to turn an ordinary dresser table into something that looks expensive and fancy!

#3 Ikea Headboard Hack

An amazing and easy hack for anyone wanting to DIY their headboard on the cheap! This idea uses stikwood which already has adhesive backing on it, making it extremely easy to use and put together!

#4 Ikea Bar Cart Hack

Turn a laptop table into a drinks stand. Genius!

#5 DIY Ikea Side Table

This DIY side table uses marble contact paper, and it’s really good looking!

#6 Ikea Stool Hack

A mix of an outdoor and indoor feel, this stool hack is really cool.

#7 Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

It may not look it, but this entire kitchen island will definitely be within your low budget!

#8 Wall Utensil Holder

Can you use a bed base as wall storage? You bet you can!

#9 TV Stand Hack

Create this really genius TV stand with plenty of storage.

#10 Bathroom Vanity with Bekvam Kitchen Cart

Add some wood to your bathroom with this Ikea kitchen cart.

#11 DIY Copper End Table

A camping stool plus an Ikea melamine tray equals a beautiful little table!

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