10 Beautiful DIY Herb Garden Ideas That Will Make All Your Friends Jealous

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If you are searching for some easy DIY herb garden ideas that you could make at home in no time, then this article is exactly for you!

10 Herb Garden DIY Ideas

Herbs are the easiest, and probably most useful plants to have in your garden.

They are easy to grow and maintain, and the great news is that you will make good use of them whilst in the kitchen!

The best thing about these herb garden which I am about to show you is that most of them can be kept indoors, keeping them away from too much rain or sunshine. So you can look after your herbs really well.

I recently decided to research some cool and easy ideas for having herbs at home, and I found some really amazing concepts!

10 Amazing DIY Herb Garden Ideas

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Having some fresh basil or rosemary to pick during a cooking session is so convenient!

Make sure you save a few of these days and give them a try.

You won’t regret it!

Below are 10 amazing DIY herb garden ideas you need to have in your home!

Idea #1: One Pot Herb Garden

Herb garden

Found at Black Eiffel

Ideas #2: Pallet Herb Garden

Herb garden DIY idea

Found at Pink When

Idea #3: Pallet Vertical DIY Herb Garden

Amazing Herb Gardens DIY

Found at 99 Pallet Ideas

Idea #4: DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

Herbal garden DIY

Found at Grillo Designs

Idea #5: Mason Jar Herb Garden DIY

Mason jar herb garden ideas DIY

Found at Camille Styles

Idea #6: Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Found at The Bird And Her Song

Idea #7: Shoe Holder Herb Garden

Shoe holder herb garden

Found at Pretty Plain Janes

Idea #8: Chalk Painted Herb Garden

Herb garden DIY idea

Found at Rustic And Woven

Idea #9: Indoor Baking Tin Herb Garden

Baking tin herb garden idea

Found at Grillo Designs

Idea #10: Hanging Board Herb Garden

Hanging board herb garden

Found at Homesteading


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